We find it meaningful and valuable to operate in the automotive sector, which raises the standard of living of our people and facilitates life. We adopt Total Quality Awareness as a working philosophy and consider working with a world company ENTERPRISE as the most obvious indicator of this. The source of our motivation is to satisfy our customers' satisfaction and expectations in an optimum way. A long-term relationship with the customer based on mutual trust is our primary goal. Although transparency, honesty and trust are indispensable principles of our sales policy, it is our target to keep up with the digitalized world, to exhibit innovative approaches and to follow the developing technologies closely. Our principle of "Doing the job right at once" is our principle in after-sales service. Conducting this with our competent and trained staff is a requirement of our quality understanding. Our trained human resource, which has adopted the quality system, is open to development and change, and has an understanding that constantly improves the system, is our most valuable asset. Our company always has the dynamism to apply and contribute to this change by following the changes and developments in the automotive sector instantly with the slogan 'One step ahead of your expectations'. Our company undertakes continuous improvement by adopting the Quality Management System and fulfilling the applicable conditions. BOARD OF DIRECTORS KP.01 BROADCAST: 01.08.2015 / REV.TAR: 23.10.2018 REV.NO:02